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Technical Support

  • Technology R & D

    YVONNE LASER  has its own professional independent core R&D team, accounting for more than 12% of the company's total employees, including software engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, industrial designers and other professional teams, which are directly managed by the R&D team. Relying on the advantages of mature software development and controller development, the company has a comprehensive grasp of core technologies such as CNC systems, precision cutting heads, and high-speed transmission systems. The equipment processes products with higher precision, smoother cuts, faster speeds and higher productivity. Product research and development technology is in line with international standards, and strict quality inspections are carried out in accordance with European standard systems.

  • Core Technology

    YVONNE Laser R&D team has achieved fruitful results since its independent core technology development. It has successively introduced hardware technologies such as three-dimensional five-axis cutting technology, high-power intelligent cutting heads, independent capacitive height adjusters, intelligent digital four chucks, and software systems. It provides strong software and hardware technical support for the company's three major cutting machine series products.

  • Three-dimensional five-axis cutting technology

    Innovative five-axis linkage numerical control technology, easy to achieve mass production of pipe bevel cutting, the maximum can cut 45° bevel.


    Using SPEED+ ultra-fast cutting technology, the speed is increased by 40%.


    High-power intelligent cutting head


    Intelligent switching of light spot mode, continuous and stable cutting of thin and thick plates; focus control accuracy up to ±0.01mm, precise adjustment, automatic correction; high transmittance optical lens, thick plate cutting is more stable; rapid cooling of the sensor, efficient cooling;


    Support power 10000-15000W.

  • Intelligent digital four chuck

    Zero tail material: The first domestic dual hydraulic + dual pneumatic four chucks, with strong clamping capacity, no tail material, no waste, and cost saving;


    Intelligent feedback: real-time monitoring of jaw status, easy access to pipe data, closed-loop control, safe and reliable;


    Intelligent clamping: the clamping force is adaptively adjusted, the small tube is not deformed, and the large tube is clamped firmly;


    Pipe processing range: Φ80-Φ426mm □80*80-□300*300mm.

  • Independent capacitive height adjuster

    The closed-loop control method is used to control the laser cutting capacitor follower head, which can realize highly automatic tracking,


    Segment perforation, progressive perforation, automatic edge finding, leapfrogging, vibration suppression, etc

  • Multi-touch pipe cutting system

    The first domestic multi-touch cutting system, fingertip touch, flexible switching, floating auxiliary touch function;


    Upgrade the parts library, ""zero"" programming to realize express debugging and proofing, wave your hands easily, and enjoy high-quality finished products;


    Industrial equipment operation is as fun and simple as a smartphone.

  • YL system

    Independent innovation and research and development, the accuracy is improved, the signal transmission is not congested, and the operation is stable and flexible.


    Integrated high-efficiency nesting, intelligently optimized layout: 500+ parts, 20% nesting efficiency, 10% material utilization rate;


    High-efficiency cutting speed by 35%: flying-cut micro-connection, adaptive acceleration algorithm, ultra-high-speed scanning and cutting;


    Intelligent path optimization: sorting of thermal effects, and active side collision prevention."

  • Showcase of R&D Achievements in Recent Years

    YVONNE  Laser currently has more than 100 products in 6 series: sheet cutting machine, sheet and tube integrated machine, tube cutting machine, bending machine, welding machine, and automation equipment. Among them, sheet cutting machine, plate and tube integrated machine and professional tube cutting machine have been At the forefront of industry technology, the medium and high power laser cutting machine, medium and high power plate and tube integrated laser cutting machine, professional bevel laser tube cutting machine and other models launched in 2020 have set off a storm of technological innovation in the industry and led the industry development .

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