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GEOU is an internationally renowned manufacturer of automated laser cutting and welding complete sets of equipment, specializing in high-power laser cutting, pipe cutting, welding, 3D printing, cleaning equipment, automated production lines, bending machines, and lasers, CNC systems and functional components.

At present, it is the first batch of national intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration bases, national high-tech enterprises, the construction unit of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's new intelligent manufacturing model application project, the national standard setting unit of the laser industry, and the host unit of major national science and technology projects. It has won the "National Science and Technology Progress Award" and "International Reputable brand" and "National Quality Benchmarking" awards, fiber laser cutting machine won the "China Good Design Award", the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology national manufacturing "single champion product" and other award.


GEOU provides high-quality laser intelligent equipment and automation solutions for the metal processing field.
  • 100+
    Number of countries going abroad
  • 30+
    Number of districts with service agencies
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    Number of company offices
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    The products are widely used in many fields
  GEOU provides high-quality laser intelligent equipment and automation solutions for the metal processing field. It has a number of patented technologies and rich application experience, creating fiber laser technology innovation.

  Laser intelligent equipment is sold to more than 100 countries and regions around the world, and is widely used in energy petrochemicals, rail transit, electric power, automobile manufacturing, special vehicles, construction machinery, agricultural machinery, construction machinery, elevator manufacturing, environmental protection equipment, advertising decoration, electrical appliances Industries such as kitchenware have helped the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

 GEOU has successively passed "ISO9001" and "ISO14001" certifications, and the entire series of products have obtained EU CE certification. All aspects of the entire process of incoming materials, processing, assembly, debugging, testing, packaging, and shipment are strictly checked to ensure the performance of the shipped products.

 Quality and delivery time. In Shenzhen, Suzhou, Beijing, and Changsha in China, there are four large areas and spare parts warehouses in South China, East China, North, Central and Southwest China, with more than 100 offices under its jurisdiction, and sales and service organizations in more than 30 countries and regions to provide customers worldwide High-quality products and high-quality and efficient services.




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