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User Friendly Rapid ATC Wood CNC Router for Wooden Mold Making, Advertising, Handicraft, Musical Instrument

The Geou Machine CNC Router GO408 ATC is designed to accommodate a wide range of materials and applications. It is a stronger model, featuring a heavy-duty frame, a steel tank, and a specialized area for securing materials.
  • Italian HSD air cooling ATC spindle
  • Yaskawa servo system
  • Taiwan Syntec windows control system
  • GO408 and 1325

The CNC Router Machine's body is extremely strong and remains deformation-free after undergoing the entire welding process, heat treatment, and high vibration. Additionally, the process of sandblasting, rust prevention, and applying three coats of paint ensures that the CNC Routers maintain their aesthetic appeal even after several years of use. An 11-step inspection process prior to the delivery of the CNC milling machine guarantees that customers can use the router immediately upon receipt.

The CNC Engraver is equipped with a self-tensioning dual pinion drive that adjusts on the fly, producing superior circle cutting quality that persists years down the line. It features high-precision, anti-backlash ball screws for exceptionally smooth motion.

The CNC Engraving machine is configured with a linear type auto tool changer that can hold 6 to 16 positions, enabling rapid tool changes.

The intelligent Syntec control system equipped on the CNC Engraver includes an intelligent processing cross-border protection function, which prevents mechanical collisions caused by designs that exceed the processing range. Additionally, the intelligent processing speed control can separately manage the processing speed, significantly enhancing efficiency.

This CNC Carving machine offers a file pre-processing function that enables users to timely correct errors in processing files, ensuring compatibility with processing codes generated by Type3, Artcam, Mastercam.

The plastic CNC Router machine includes a well-designed dust collector system with powerful suction to keep the working area clean during operation.

The smart vacuum table on this CNC Wood Router allows for a wide array of vacuum pods-fixturing, making setup fast and flexible.

The CNC Wood Carving Machine supports breakpoint, power-off recovery, and continuous engraving functions. It also features automatic error correction for the homing point, effectively ensuring processing accuracy during extended operations.

1X,Y,Z working area1300*2500*200/400/600mm
2Table size1465*3200mm
5Lathe StructureWelding steel structure
6X structureRack pinion,linear rails
7Y structureRack pinion,linear rails
8Z structureBall screw and linear rails
9Max.consume power12kw
11Max.working Speed0-30000mm/min
12Spindle Power Motor9.0kw Italian HSD spindle with ATC,ER32
13Tools magazine6 -16 tool holders
14Spindle Speed0-24000rpm
15Working ModeYaskawa servo system
16Working VoltageAC220/380V,50/60Hz,3PH
17Command CodeG Code(*uoo,*mmg,)
18Operating SystemSyntec Windows control system(Taiwan)
19X,Y Working Delicacy<0.02mm
21InterfaceInternet or USB
21Memory256M(or flash drive)
22Note★All of these models can be customized according to customer requirements.

Wood CNC routers, with their precise processing capabilities and efficient operation, play an irreplaceable role in various industries. Below are detailed descriptions of applications across different industries, showcasing the widespread use and significance of wood CNC engraving machines:

Furniture Industry

Wood CNC engraving machines are extensively used in the furniture industry for large-area board carving, solid wood furniture carving, and intricate art font and pattern carving. Whether it's fine solid wood engravings, MDF paint-free door carvings, or custom carvings for kitchen windows and doors, CNC engraving machines meet the diverse needs of high-end custom furniture with their efficiency and precision.

Mold Industry

The application of ATC wood CNC routers in the mold manufacturing industry is equally significant. Capable of carving various types of wooden molds, including those used in the aviation field and automobile foam molds, CNC engraving machines offer high efficiency and quality assurance for mold production. Especially in the processing of complex parts and detailed finishes, they showcase unparalleled advantages.

Advertising Industry

In the advertising industry, wood CNC engraving machines are widely applied for engraving and cutting acrylic, two-color board, aluminum-plastic board, PVC, and ABS boards. From making various signs, badges, seat plates, bronze plaques to all types of trademarks and decorative fonts, CNC routers provide precise and efficient solutions. Their high automation and flexibility make advertising production more rapid and personalized.

Handicraft Industry

In the handicraft industry, the application of wood CNC engraving machines has brought technological innovation to traditional crafts. Not only can they produce gifts, decorations, and wooden toys, but they can also create metal reliefs, copper, and aluminum fonts. The fine processing of automatic CNC engravers  imbues each craft item with unique artistic value and exquisite craftsmanship.

Musical Instrument Industry

Automatic wood CNC engraving machines also play an essential role in musical instrument manufacturing, precisely carving various patterns and decorations to add unique beauty and personality to instruments like guitars and violins. The application of CNC technology not only enhances the artistic appearance of instruments but also ensures the precision and consistency of their manufacturing process.

Packaging Industry

In the packaging industry, ATC wood CNC routers are used for cutting and processing materials like plastic and wood, meeting the needs for efficient and precise packaging. Whether for food packaging or high-end product packaging design, CNC engraving machines offer innovative and personalized solutions, significantly increasing the added value of products.








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