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Compact Handheld Laser Metal Spot or Continuous Welder for Plates and Tubes

The handheld fiber laser welding machine is an efficient, flexible welding device that employs advanced fiber laser technology for welding metal materials. It combines the high energy density characteristic of fiber lasers with the convenience of handheld operation, providing users with a fast, precise, and cost-effective welding solution.
  • High Efficiency and Quality: The fiber laser welding machine offers rapid welding speeds and high-quality welds. The weld seams are smooth and attractive, with excellent mechanical properties, meeting the demands for high-standard welding requirements.

  • Convenient Operation: The handheld design allows operators to easily control the welding process, accommodating various positions and complex shapes. This increases the equipment's flexibility and portability.

  • Wide Range of Material Compatibility: Fiber laser welding technology is suitable for welding a variety of metal materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum alloy, and copper, catering to the application needs of different industries.

  • Energy-Saving and Environmentally Friendly: Compared to traditional welding technologies, fiber laser welding is more efficient, consumes less energy, and produces fewer emissions and waste materials, aligning with modern production's environmental protection standards.

  • Low Maintenance Costs: The fiber laser's long service life and minimal maintenance requirements significantly reduce the long-term operating costs of the equipment.

In modern manufacturing, welding technology is one of the key processes for joining metals or other thermoplastic materials. Welding can be achieved through various methods, including spot welding, continuous welding, laser welding, and more. Here are detailed introductions to the main industries that apply welding technology and the welding equipment used:

Automotive Manufacturing

In the automotive industry, Spot Welders are commonly used for manufacturing body parts because they can quickly and effectively join thin metal sheets. For critical components such as battery boxes, a Welder for plates may be required for higher precision and stronger joint strength. With the rise of electric vehicles, the welding quality of battery boxes is increasingly demanding, making the Handheld Laser Welder more popular for its ability to provide finer welding effects.

Electronics Industry

Welding of electronic components and circuit boards requires extreme precision. In this field, Handheld Laser metal Welders are widely used for precision welding because they can provide accurate heat input without damaging sensitive electronic components. Spot Welding machines are also commonly used to secure small electronic parts.

Medical Equipment

The manufacturing of medical devices demands very high welding quality, as these devices are directly related to patient health and safety. Continuous Welders and Handheld Laser Welding machines are very popular in this industry as they can provide uniform and controllable welding effects, ensuring the reliability and durability of medical devices.

Metal Processing

The metal processing industry involves welding various metal components and parts. Welders for metal plates and Welders for metal tubes are common equipment in this industry. They can handle metals of various thicknesses and shapes to meet diverse welding needs.

Home Products

Metal parts in home products such as kitchen utensils and furniture are typically welded using Welding machines for plates and Welding machines for tubes. Handheld Welding machines are especially popular in small workshops and custom furniture manufacturing due to their portability and flexibility.





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