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Automatic Professional Easy to operate CNC Sheet Cutter for Metal Manufacturing

  • High-Efficiency Fiber Laser
  • Dual Working Tables
  • Wide Material Compatibility
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Energy-Saving and Emission Reduction
  • Safety and Reliability

High-Efficiency Fiber Laser: 

Equipped with high-performance fiber lasers ranging from 1 kW to 6 kW, the SF3015H guarantees exceptional cutting efficiency and quality, setting a new standard for Automatic CNC Metal Cutters.

Dual Working Tables: 

Featuring two interchangeable working tables, it significantly enhances work efficiency by reducing material swapping time, enabling continuous production—a hallmark of efficiency in CNC Metal Cutting Machines.

Wide Material Compatibility: 

Specifically engineered for cutting steel plates ranging from 0.4 to 30mm in thickness, it meets the processing needs of various metal materials, including steel, aluminum, copper, and stainless steel, demonstrating unparalleled versatility among CNC Sheet Cutters.

User-Friendly Interface: 

The SF3015H boasts an easy-to-use control system, simplifying the setup process for complex cutting paths and patterns. This feature makes it accessible to operators of all skill levels, enhancing the usability of CNC Sheet Cutting Machines.

Energy-Saving and Emission Reduction: 

Advanced design principles ensure high-efficiency operation while minimizing energy consumption and material waste, reflecting the sustainable innovation in CNC Metal Cutting technology.

Safety and Reliability: 

Certified by TUV, FDA, and ETL with CE marks, equipped with emergency stop buttons and protective covers, the SF3015H ensures operator safety, epitomizing the trustworthiness expected from Automatic CNC Metal Cutters.

Dual-Drive System: 

The gantry double rack & pinion, coupled with a double servo motor drive system and MHMD with exceptional torque, delivers 1G acceleration, ensuring unparalleled production efficiency.

Robust Construction: 

Crafted from metal tube & sheet fabricated structure, our CNC cutter offers high accuracy and stability. This robust construction effectively eliminates vibration during high-speed cutting, maintaining the integrity of your workpiece.

Precision Engineering: 

Equipped with a large gantry milling machine, which undergoes tempering treatment and vibration aging to eliminate stress, our machine's geometric accuracy is within 0.03mm, guaranteeing precision in every cut.

Optimized Crossbeam Design: 

The crossbeam, processed through drawing and finishing, features a lightweight yet high rigidity design. This results in superior dynamic performance, essential for high-speed operations.

Advanced Nesting Software: 

Our professional nesting software is highly compatible with the cutting system, featuring automatic edge searching and sharp corner smoothing functions. Achieve high-speed piercing and fast array scanning cutting functions with ease.

Compact Integration: 

The integrated structure boasts a compact, reasonable layout that occupies less space, making it an ideal solution for workshops with limited area.

Efficient Laser Generator: 

The renowned laser generator offers high wall-plug efficiency of over 30%, significantly reducing power consumption while maximizing efficiency.

Economical Operation: 

With lower running costs, the use of high-pressure air, N2, or O2 assists in achieving smooth cutting edges, reducing the need for post-processing.

Reliable Control System: 

Featuring the CypCut control system known for its strong stability and anti-interference capability, our CNC sheet cutter ensures reliable operation and good adaptability to various working conditions.

Working Area(mm)3050* 1530/4050 * 2030/6050* 2030/6050* 2530/ 8050 * 2530/12050* 2530
Working Area(in)120*60/159*80/238*80/238*100/317*100/ 474*100
X-axis Travel(mm)1530/ 2030/2530
Y -axis Travel(mm)3050/4050/6050/8050/12050
Laser Power(kw)6/8/10/12/20
Maximum Speed(m/min)130
Maximum acceleration(G)1.0
X/Y Axis positioning accuracy(mm/m)±0.05
X/Y Axis repeated positioning accuracy(mm)± 0.02

Cutting Thickness of SF 3015H fiber laser cutter

Carbon steel(mm)0.4-120.4-160.4-180.4-200.4-250.4-30
Stainless ste(mm)0.4-50.4-60.4-80.4-120.4-120.4-20
Brass (mm)0.4-30.4-50.4-60.4-60.4-80.4-12
Aluminum (mm)0.4-30.4-50.4-60.4-80.4-120.4-12

The fiber laser cutting machine, a cornerstone in modern metal manufacturing, embodies precision, versatility, and efficiency. As a premier CNC Sheet Cutter for Metal Manufacturing, this machine is engineered to meet the diverse needs of several key industries. Its application extends across sheet metal processing, machinery manufacturing, auto parts production, and more, highlighting its pivotal role in advancing technological capabilities and production efficiency.

Sheet Metal Processing

In the realm of sheet metal processing, the Automatic CNC Metal Cutter excels in delivering unparalleled precision and speed. Its advanced laser technology allows for clean, burr-free cuts, making it ideal for creating intricate designs and patterns in sheets of steel, aluminum, copper, and more. This capability is crucial for industries requiring precise dimensions and smooth finishes, such as HVAC manufacturing and architectural metalwork.

Machinery Manufacturing

For machinery manufacturing, the CNC Metal Cutter for Sheet stands out for its ability to cut through thick and tough materials with ease. This machine's robust performance is essential for producing components with tight tolerances, ensuring the reliability and durability of heavy machinery used in construction, agriculture, and manufacturing sectors.

Auto Parts Manufacturing

The automotive industry benefits significantly from the precision and efficiency of the CNC Metal cutting machine. It is adept at producing complex parts with high accuracy, from engine components to intricate body panels. This level of precision not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of vehicles but also contributes to their overall performance and safety.

Electrical Manufacturing

In electrical manufacturing, the CNC sheet Cutter proves invaluable in creating precise cutouts and components for electrical panels, enclosures, and other critical hardware. Its ability to process conductive materials with minimal thermal distortion ensures the high quality and reliability of electrical products.

Elevator Manufacturing

The fiber laser cutting machine's precision is particularly beneficial in elevator manufacturing, where safety and precision are paramount. It facilitates the creation of durable, perfectly sized components, including doors, frames, and cabin structures, contributing to the overall safety and functionality of elevators.

Petroleum Machinery Manufacturing

The robustness of the CNC Sheet cutting machine makes it an ideal choice for petroleum machinery manufacturing. It can handle the demanding requirements of cutting thick, abrasion-resistant materials used in drilling and extraction equipment, ensuring longevity and reliability in harsh operational environments.

Food Machinery

In food machinery manufacturing, hygiene and precision are critical. The fiber laser cutting machine excels in producing smooth, clean cuts that prevent bacterial buildup, making it ideal for creating components for food processing equipment, such as conveyors, slicers, and packaging machines.


The shipbuilding industry requires large-scale, precise cuts for creating components of ships and marine vessels. The CNC Metal Cutter's capability to efficiently process large sheets of metal into accurate shapes and sizes is invaluable, streamlining the construction process and ensuring the structural integrity of marine vessels.

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